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  November 4, 2016
Reassessing the Situation... 



Dear readers, fans and friends,

With great joy, I am happy to announce that this week’s blog is my 400th...

Since 2009, I have successfully managed to stuff your e-mail box each Friday morning with one of my weekly blathers.

However, after penning almost 400 blogs, I seriously began to wonder if it might be best to move from a weekly blog to a bi-weekly or even a monthly blog... if for no other reason than I am finally beginning to run out of material to write about.

I thought I would begin this new format at the start of the new year... however... a funny thing happened along the way...

While traveling this week... the power cord to my laptop went missing, leaving me with about 45 minutes of power to pen this short explanation as to why as of this week, the OptiFuse blog will officially become a bi-weekly publication.

Things happen for a reason... and perhaps this is a Higher Power’s way to tell me that I should not be awaiting for the new year to make a change...

As always... I am honored that you take some of your valuable time to read my thoughts, opinions, and commentaries...

...only not so often going forward.

Next week you’ll once again receive an e-mail from me contining the tradition of the now every other Friday OptiFuse Blog (with hope that I’ll find a replacement power cord before next week)...

Thank you again for all your kind support of OptiFuse as we try to bring you our very best with everything we do.


Jim Kalb

Email -  jimk@optifuse.com
Website -
Twitter - @OptiFuse

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